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Trees can add value to your property in the Western Chicago suburbs. But if they’ve become unhealthy or overgrown, it’s important to contact a professional tree removal and trimming service. Brookfield Tree Service can properly assess your property and determine what the best plan of action should be for your trees. Whether it’s trimming or removal, you can expect the most efficient services that leave your property looking more stunning than ever before!

Tree Removal in Western Suburbs of Chicago

Sometimes the location of your trees creates a dangerous obstacle. If trees are dead or diseased, they can be even more dangerous and unpredictable. Brookfield Tree Service completely removes your trees and the hazards they create for your peace of mind. You won’t have to question the safety of your property when you trust the experts.

Without taking the necessary precautions, tree removal can be dangerous for those on your property or even just neighbors walking by your home. Brookfield Tree Service takes every necessary precaution to make sure your loved ones and everyone in the area is as safe as can be. We are always on high alert and use the best equipment on the market for the safest results.

Of course, people are our first priority, but we also care about preserving your property. Some amateur tree removal services don’t know how to dispose of trees without significantly disrupting your lawn and the landscaping you’ve worked so hard on. But we care! We’ll do everything in our power to leave your property looking exactly how we found out, with the exception of the trees or limbs you want removed.

We don’t stop with tree removal in Chicago. The leftover tree stumps ruin the aesthetic of your property. They can also pose a safety hazard. That’s why we also eliminate any stumps left behind using our efficient stump grinding process.

Tree Trimming in Western Suburbs of Chicago

Maybe your trees don’t need to be completely removed but there are some branches that are definitely out of control, growing too close to your home or your power lines. When it’s professionally done, tree trimming can significantly mitigate these risks. Trimming back and disposing of unhealthy or overgrowth branches makes your property a safer place for your loved ones and protects your home from damage.

Getting your trees properly trimmed evens out the foliage so your trees look better than ever before. It also makes your trees healthier so they can safely remain on your property for a longer amount of time without posing a safety risk. It’s a service that truly adds value to your property. 

Brookfield Tree Service uses our extensive experience and the best equipment on the market to trim your tree branches with the highest level of precision. We trim exactly the right amount, never too much or too little.